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          "If we don't go within, we don't receive the guidance we
          need.  To be still and pay attention to what hurts releases
          us from the self-created prison of our past.  We awake to
          an aliveness that never dies."

                                                               - Mystic Life


We may, if we so choose, take part in a tremendous paradigm shift in which death is no longer something that "happens to us."  Instead we may choose to inhabit our body as long as it serves us, and eliminate the fear of life "being taken away."
This is physical immortality.

Immortality Magazine is for those who are interested in the idea that we are as powerful as we choose to be, and can do anything we want, including remaining in our physical form as long as we choose.  This too is physical immortality.

When we learn how to remain free of guilt and fear, we stop feeling stress, and our bodies remains healthy as long as they serve us. This is also physical immortality.



Reflections on Physical Immortality
is included in the book Unification
by Mystic Life

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